So we decided to spend the day and relax in Knighton Park. The park is 78 acre and has colourful shrub borders, pond, rock garden and play areas for the kids. We both booked off half day from work and just like that decided to get away from the perils of life. We all have stresses and sometimes its good to relax and go for a walk.

We approached the entrance and were presented with the gateway to the park. Amazing how the trees form a line on each side. It just invites you in.

We wanted to take a picnic to the park but opted not to on this occasion. But we’d highly recommend that you pay the park a visit with a picnic basket!

Theres also a secret garden, its somewhat hidden from the rest of the garden, lots of shade and foliage towards the left.

We had such a great day out, laughed loads. You know what? Thats what life is all about. Laughing uncontrollably and living life.


Have a great day everyone!!! 🙂