Arriving in the Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok.  We were greeted by the porters who took our luggage, we smiled at them as we handed out stuff over. We walked to the check-in desk and told the staff who we were showing them our passports. The lobby was air-conditioned, with a stone or marble floor. I must admit before leaving for honeymoon I searched ways to get room upgrades. Simply tell the check-in desk that it’s your honeymoon and ask if there are any complimentary upgrades for free? What have you got to lose? Just in case take your marriage certificate.


Once we had checked in we received our room key cards and proceeded to walk to our room. Upon opening the door Sonal shouted “WOW this is AMAZING!”. The room was clean, with a modern interior and because Sonal wanted a nice bathroom, she instantly was filled with joy knowing the room and amenities were top notch.





When we got into the room we literally dived for the bed. 15+ hours of traveling and now we were finally here but all we wanted to do was sleep! Eagerly we quickly got changed, and tried to sleep and Sonal whispered “I’m hungry” and then we burst into laughter! Naively I said to Sonal that there’s food in the fridge, little did I know that it was a mini bar and the chocolate, crisps and peanuts cost us a small fortune when we checked out hehe. Oh well, we were there to enjoy ourselves and be carefree. Once we finished the delights of the mini bar we looked at the room service menu and thought we’d order some Pizza. Playing it “safe” after a long trip we ordered a plain and simple Margarita pizza.



After the pizza we really did sleep for a long time. It’s good to recharge your batteries. Sometimes the stress of traveling can make you ill and that’s the last you’d want especially being on honeymoon. Drink lots of water, take a multi-vitamin and rest up. In hindsight I think for future holidays we’ll factor in a rest day to accommodate for the travel time.