OUTOFMYELEPHANT is a blog written by Sanjay and Sonal. We’re a newly married couple who met each other on 26th Jan 2014. We thought it would be a good idea to focus our energy in a blog together. We wanted something that would be remind us of our honeymoon in Thailand and this blog was perfect. Quite often you may find yourself out of your element, we hope that this blog can provide some solace and give you some of our positive energy. We want to share our thoughts and experiences with the world and hopefully if we can help someone in the process, surely that’s a good thing?

Our blog will consist of categories that we are both passionate about, quite often we may collaborate in writing posts. To give you a sneak peek, for starters we’re going to write about Food, Travel and Life.

Here is a little something we’ve wrote about each other:

Sonal is a kind and funny person with laughter being at the heart of her personality. She has an underrated talent for drawing, painting and likes to eat desserts! You often hear about the phrase, “meant for each other”. Let me tell you before meeting Sonal I would be the first person to say that’s not true. But meeting Sonal has been a surreal experience, everything fell into place and I know it sounds all so cliché but it honestly feels like we were meant for each other. In my previous life, I had allot of pain, grief and failings. It’s taken me a while to understand that the rocky road was a good thing and “setbacks paved the way for comebacks”. While life isn’t perfect, it sure is happier than it used to be and that’s because I had a positive influence over my shoulder. You know Sonal is a big part of that. – Sanjay

My love Sanjay – when he first messaged me I knew instantly that my life was going to change for the better. Throughout the years that I grew closer to this man I knew he was something special. Men don’t come as pure as this anymore. Sanjay is such a kind honest man; he has a strong exterior with a soft heart. I fell in love with him because he is honest, caring and funny. Sanjay has a different personality to most people I know – he has no interest in material things and is more about the things in life that you cannot buy. When we met each other we were 2 broken pieces waiting to be fixed. So, slowly on the mend Sanjay and I are hoping for a life full of challenges, happiness and enjoying the free things in life that make us both happy. – Sonal

Stay tuned in and join us for this ride……