We then continued our holiday by taking an excursion to the Atlas Mountains. This was one of the best parts of the holiday. The tour guides here were very friendly and we felt safer with them. They were very kind and treated us in the best possible way.

We stopped to take pictures of the scenic views which were breath-taking, and we even stopped to take a look at some camels. Sonal was scared to go on the camels but with a little persuasion from the helper she took the opportunity to sit and the camel and we got a great photo! As you can see she is really happy here!

The Atlas mountains were truly something else when we reached higher up it looked like a picture on a postcard except this was real!

We even stopped at a Berber family who invited us in to their home to have freshly cooked bread, pure honey and olive oil. They also served us with some fresh Moroccan tea.

This showed us how traditional families lived in Morocco which was interesting and a true eye opener to how their are many different cultures in the world.

During the tour we walked past some amazing scenary. We saw bridges that would make walking across very challenging indeed!!

The tour included a few more shopping experiences, where we saw beautiful hand made plates and Tagines. Perfect gifts to take back although very delicate. Some true inspirational art can be found here.

After the tour we came back to our hotel and spent the rest of the days taking some time to relax by the pool and working on our tan.

Morocco is definitely a place you want to tick off your list of places to go. Once you understand the culture you will feel free to explore and take in the impressive beauty!