So we left the Hotel in the evening and decided to walk to find a place to eat. That sense of freedom, being one within the city and being lost but not quite lost comes to mind.  You see the tall buildings, you walk that pedestrian crossing and you think to yourself, I love the adventure. That’s how we felt when we came out to venture for a place to eat.


Eventually we came across a place called Getto Goulash. We instantly fell in love the decor and surroundings. We ordered some homemade lemonade and because we were unsure of what to eat, Sonal copied me and ordered the exact same hehe 🙂


Looks like chicken and eggs Hungarian style. Yummy!!


After eating we wanted to make the most evening. Here’s a little story, back home me and Sonal went to a dessert parlour and I accidently ordered pancakes thinking they were waffles. 🙁 Let me tell you when we found this tiny dessert parlour in Budapest I was not to be denied.


I ordered waffles with chocolate ice-cream, bananas, chocolate sauce and what looks to be some form of Hershey chocolate!


Sonal ordered something similar but different, with the exception of Oreo biscuits and the waffle was a sweetened one so it was more like a cake sponge as opposed to crispy.


When eating these indulgent desserts, you just felt that it was the best day of your life. It definitely “hit the spot” for sure!


After dessert we walked back and thoroughly enjoyed the night time. Yes, we could have taken a taxi back but you really miss out of the visuals. It’s amazing as we saw so much colour, vividness and culture even at night.


If you ever get chance to visit, you should go. Life is about living and experiencing the world. In 3 days of Budapest we experienced more than 3 weeks in our home town. Not to say that your hometown is boring, it’s just that you get comfortable and as humans we need to “bolding go out and seek new life”.