So I was looking through Pinterest as you do these days for something to cook.  I was looking for a curry, being Indian we love our curries. So as I was searching through, I found this curry that looked absolutely amazing!

Once I started reading up on it I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t just your ordinary curry that you get from your local takeaway or what us Indians would usually cook at home, it was healthy, tasty and simple.

So when I started cooking this it started to feel like a stew however when this was served up in a bowl it tasted different, it was infused with coconut milk and the carrots were sweet and yummy. I then went along with what Sanjay suggested which was to put salmon in to the curry. This topped the whole dish off and was the ‘icing on the cake’ We ate this with slices of Olive Bloomer Bread from Tesco which was also not in the recipe but just added that extra crunch! Here is a link to the recepie.

I say this this is definitely worth cooking, if you are looking for something simple but warming.

Give it ago and let the flavours infuse with your taste buds…