I decided to take half day and as Sonal already has those days off, we thought we could spend the day together. Yes MORE food!!

It tends to get darker these days due to winter but its all good. We parked up in the cheaper £2.50 car park near Great Central Street. A massive patch of gravel where you pay upon entry to a man or woman sat in a tiny shed. (Proper dodgey) :S

Outside the fancy bit of Highcross they created this peice of art?


We eventually decided on what to eat. Funny thing is i told Sonal that we were going to Morrisons cafe to eat. hehe and when i told her last minute that we’d go to her favourite restaurent (WagaMama), the smile on her face was amazing 🙂


I didnt have my DSLR but decided to test out my Samsung Galaxy S5. YES I KNOW that I live in the past and i need a new phone. hint hint Sonal 😛


We ordered some yummy starters called Steamed “Pulled Pork” Gyoza, in short it was like a dumpling with a soy sauce for dipping. Sonal posed with the chop sticks but then we both proceeded to eat with our hands. lol


Now comes the main course. The last time we went Sonal was very envious of my WagaMama Ramen that i ordered and kept randomly eating from my bowl. To avoid this, we BOTH ordered the same thing.


The quantity of food was amazing. You really do get value for money! You get “grilled chicken, barbecue pork, prawns, chikuwa and mussels on top of noodles in a miso, ginger and chicken broth. topped with pea shoots, wakame, menma and half a tea-stained egg” and “our ramen is a hearty bowl of hot broth filled with fresh ramen noodles, toppings and garnishes, all served in a traditional black bowl


So you’d think that that quantity of food was enough. NO. We ordered a portion of yummmy sticky rice. It makes the meal perfect. Mmmm


I managed to finish my bowl, it was the most irresistable, yummy meal ive had in a long time.



After the meal we decided to go for dessert. Cant go wrong with McDonalds. They had there new Terrys Chocolate Orange McFlurry. Yummy “Orangey” goodness. Yes McDonalds makes the world go round. Well it does for us!



Happy food day!