So we decided spontaniously to go to Liverpool… Forget about life, and have a holiday before the holiday  πŸ˜›

We found the deal on a website called, Great Little Breaks.   We stayed at Leasowe Castle Hotel. The hotel was based in Wirral in Mersyside.

When we got to the hotel the staff were very friendly and we checked in.  Let the adventure begin.

We took the tunnel into Liverpool and if anyone wants to know we parked at Dale Street Car Park

Brought Sonal the Sony CX625 Camcorder for her birthday. Looks like shes making good use of it.

Ive forgoten where this pic was taken but its near the World Museum. Let me tell you, if you have children, they will love it! Liverpool is full of amazing retro architecture. You feel like you are in another world sometimes!


Below are a few snaps of the musuem:

We felt relaxed and at peace. Who ever wants to visit should definitely go. There is lots of culture and we certainly learned lots.

We then went to the the art gallery, but along the way i thought i would put my photography skills to the test. Be careful with the moss on the steps.

While we were at the art gallary, there was a sleeping sculpture.  Such a beutiful peice, we stood there thinking about how she is feeling, if she is alive? I know its strange, but trust me it felt like she would awaken at any moment!

Time for some funny pics hahahaha. Its one of those caption this pic. A meme, what ever you call it hehe

Upstairs in the art gallary, epic’ness was to be seen.

The art gallery wasnt just the only place for art. We spotted this on the side of a building:

During our stay we went to a dessert palour called,  Kaspas – The gelato & dessert house

I ordered the Peanutbutter Choc Waffle – Fresh waffle, spread with our warm peanut butter, served with fresh banana slices, drizzled with our lavish Choco-Hazelnut sauce.

Sonal ordered the The Brownie Waffle – Fresh waffle, topped with fudge brownie pieces, drizzled with warm Belgian Chocolate sauce, finished off with pouring cream.

On our last day we decided to go to the Albert Dock

A memorable part of the trip, seeing the boats and ships.

In short, once you are in the city centre (where all thge usual shops are) you just follow the signs to Albert Dock. Once you see the massive Kathleen & May, you are in the right place.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum was very interactive. The area is where the Titanic was born and you must sit through the presentation. It was more a theatre/acting production done by one man, very very captivating indeed.

These statues felt like something out of Dr Who. An eerie feeling walking past them!

Next stop Morocco!!!