What an amazing trip! We booked this only a couple of weeks after coming back from Thailand. Eager travellers that we are we found the deal on LASTMINUTE.COM and let me tell you it was an amazing deal! We paid £420 in total and that’s including flights and 4* hotel. The hotel was called Hotel Palazzo Zichy.

We flew from London Luton airport and drove to the Long Stay car park. The process was easy, we booked online, gave some personal details and printed off a confirmation and upon entry to the gate, the system recognised out number plate and away we parked. There was a lovely shuttle bus that went every 15 mins to the airport. Don’t forget you’ll need to account for time waiting for the bus and the time it takes getting to the departure terminal.

Once we made it to the terminal, there was a frantic stress to work out which gate we were supposed to be at. By mistake we thought it was a different number. A word of advice, make sure you check the notice boards and confirm which gate you’ll be at based on your flight number! After a hurried jog we were at our gate.

We flew with WizzAir and they have an inflight baggage policy. We made sure that we complied with this. We thought it was a good idea in theory as it allowed passengers to swiftly board. In reality they don’t have time to check all the sizes, but use caution!

Here is a view from the plane:

Once we landed in Hungary, we exited the airport and were approached by a HUGE man who said that he owns a taxi company, he presented us with a card and said he could take us to our hotel. DO NOT take him up on his offer. He charges €40 and this is an absolute rip off. Outside the airport is a booth where the official metered taxi company “Főtaxi” can arrive. You simply tell the person where you want to go and they give you an accurate estimate on cost. To our surprise it was HALF the price of the taxi tout.

Once we got to the hotel this is what we were presented with:

We entered the hotel and were pleasantly greeted by the front of desk staff. To our surprise we were told that they upgraded our room to the Junior Suite. As check-in was at 2:00pm, we decided to go outside to take pictures of the local area.

We saw a lovely lone market trader, the fruit was soooo colourful.

Bistros and coffee places are plenty, available.

While walking we decided to eat lunch, we happened to arrive on a Sunday and a lot of places were closed, however a lot of café bars were open. After a short walk were both agreed on an Asian restaurant. The place was called, Flour Style Wok Bar. We were served by a Hungarian man and he cracked a joke which made us laugh. We were happy about our choice. Once settled we ordered from the menu. OMG we ordered the following:

The dumplings below were a starter, they gave us 6 and then about 10 of the steamed version for no extra charge!! Yummmmy!! Mmm

It’s funny how we were in Hungary and we decided to eat at an Asian restaurant. LOL I guess some things never change!

Once we came back from a fiery lunch our rooms were complete. Below is a view of the super king sized bed:

Our adventure had only just begun. We highly recommend visiting, it was a barrel of laughs and you really feel loved in a city full of vibrant, cultural people. We’d say, bring your walking shoes, or maybe hire a bicycle and see the city. More posts to come! We cant help but share our moments with you!