Hey everyone it’s been a while since we posted. Life really has got in the way for the past 9 months. Sonal and I  have actually bought our first house together! Hopefully now that we’ve settled down, we’ll catch up on our posts 🙂

Back in 2017 we decided to go to Morocco, Marrakesh. If you’ve read my previous post you’ll know that my dad passed away when I was 15.  He used to tell me amazing stories about when he visited Marrakesh and how much he loved it there. I waned to experience the same thing and I always like to think my dad is still around in spirit – so with the inspiration from him, Sonal and I set off to Morocco.

We booked the trip through Voyage Privé. Not forgetting EasyJet did a fantastic job in fying us there! As this was a short getaway, we booked 4 nights and stayed at the Kenzi Club Agdal Medina, this hotel is 5 star all inclusive with access to the food and drinks 24/7. The hotel has a snack bar, two restaurants and two bars!

You definitely know you are in Morocco when you see buildings like this. The huge doors and beautiful architecture.

When you go through the doors, you are greeted by a lovely bunch of English speaking staff. In the hotel lobby there is a man who pours out Moroccan tea for you. This really embraces the tradition and culture of Morocco as soon as you walk through the door. A refreshing welcome.

We then proceeded to walk through another set of doors where met with with the following garden which led to our hotel room. Lovely tall palm trees which really made us feel like we were on holiday.

As we walked down the garden paths, we baked in the heat. Make sure you pack sun cream and wear appropriate clothing. A little bit of shade was heavenly especially during the peak hours of the day. The gardens are well kept and there is always a grounds-keeper that is watering the plants.

Once we got the hotel room, we were suprised to see rose petels on the bed. Just another little touch to make you feel welcome. The rooms were nice and clean, and well presented.

After we had left our bags in the room, and freshed up. We decided to walk round the hotel complex and explore.

As we were walking around, we discovered the pools and this made us feel sooooo happy as it was sooooo hot. We just wanted to dive right in.

Here is a selfie of us, as you do on holiday 😉 Amazing garden around us. We had busy itinerary planned for the next few days, we decided to relax and take it easy.

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