So as you all know we had that big breakfast and went flying off to Thailand. It was a long journey to get there, I sat on the plane thinking wow I am really exhausted, the wedding has really taken a lot out of me, and now all that rushing around is finally over.
Although it felt a bit like hmm what am I going to do next, I knew in the back of my head Sanjay and I had a lot more planned for the future and we were going to face more experiences as life started to gain more stability.

As Sanjay and I were on the plane we went through the stages of talking to each other about the past, present and future. It honestly felt like a dream to me that I was finally married and we were having such in depth conversations. As we continued our plane journey our food arrived and I was kind of regretting eating that big breakfast. The food wasn’t as good as I remember when I was younger, BUT I STILL MANAGED TO EAT IT and more importantly I was grateful.

I was quite excited to reach Dubai Airport as I had heard such good things about it. When we got there we were still tired and just needed to freshen up. We didn’t have much time to spare and wanted to just get to the next check point. From what I saw of Dubai airport, it was all way to extravagant for me and I didn’t really think much of it.


We finally boarded on to our next flight off to Bangkok. By the way the flights were pretty decent with the new Emirates Airbus A380-800 we had loads of leg room and didn’t really need to go business class. If you are okay with having someone sitting next to you and having enough space to stretch your legs, then you will be fine. After another god knows how many hours, we landed in Bangkok.

Even though everything was a new experience to both of us, Sanjays mind was running at a 100mph and he had a check list in his brain already about everything we needed to do before we ‘’let go’’.
When we arrived at the airport, we were waiting in line at immigration and one by one the Thai airport staff were checking our passports and stamping them, I remember trying to take a peek at the front of the queue like a child and wanting to know what they were doing so I could be prepared. For some reason I felt a little nervous and I said to Sanjay, “I feel like I am on one of those TV shows where they are checking passports and all of sudden they get taken to a separate room for doing drugs or something silly like that”. If you’ve watched one of these shows before you’ll know what I’m referring to.

Anyway we got through immigration absolutely fine, we then had to exchange our currency so we could start spending. Sanjay had researched a good currency exchange place that should have been at the Bangkok airport. It wasn’t that easy as it was such a massive airport we didn’t really have time to be searching, so we went with to a few different currency exchanges that we saw in front of us and we kind of just followed out gut instinct and exchanged the money at one of the first ones we saw.

Being in a new country and knowing that not many people understand English is one of the first things we had to get used to. Thai people are very hard to read (this is not a bad thing, its just the way they are), the lady at the exchange counter had a very stern face and Sanjay and I were there to trying laugh and be friendly. If you are going to Thailand for the very first time – this is probably the first thing you will experience too, don’t be put off by this, Thai people are amazing and you will pick up their nature and how they speak throughout your journey. They call it Tinglish. A bit of Thai and English mixed together is how they speak.

When this was all done we knew we had a taxi waiting for us and there should be a man holding a card up that says ‘Sanjay and Sonal’ or something like that.
As we were heading out of the airport we saw a sign that said Thomas Cook Signature and I quickly rushed over to this man who was waiting for us, he said something like follow me and we followed him. The man then put Sanjay on the phone, and as we were walking I was wondering why what who??
There was a couple also using the same service and they reassured me that it was just a rep from Thomas Cook and they had just experienced the same thing and that I shouldn’t be worrying. I thanked this couple who were very friendly. We didn’t get much time to talk as we were rushed away into our taxis. At this point I remember the heat hitting our faces and the sensation kind of blew me away as I hadn’t felt the heat in a long time being in the UK.
Our luggage was kindly taken by the taxi driver and he offered to put these into the back of his boot. We both sat in the taxi and took the first sigh of relief.
As the drive began my eyes were wide open taking in all of the view, the roads, the cars, the motorbikes, the noise and the people. Still with our hearts racing a little Sanjay and I were talking about how much this reminded us of our home countries, his being India and mine being East Africa.

The taxi driver was very quiet and didn’t really speak to us much, but he was a good driver having a few little near misses (which is normal) as there was a lot of traffic.


We were on our way to the first hotel…