Birmingham China Town

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An Unforgettable Trip to Haridwar

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Wagah Border and Amritsar Golden Temple

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Atlas Mountain Adventure

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Splendid Souks of Marrakesh

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Liverpool Getaway

So we decided spontaniously to go to Liverpool… Forget about life, and have a holiday before the holiday  😛 We found the deal on a website called, Great Little Breaks.   We stayed at Leasowe Castle Hotel. The hotel was based in Wirral in Mersyside. When we got to the hotel

McDonalds Breakfast Experience

OMG its Sonals birthday today and she mentioned she wanted to have a McDonalds breakfast to start her birthday off. (I wasnt going to deny her). We quickly woke up brushed teeth and got ready. I started the car and we were off to the local restaurant. We order a

Nanpantan Reservoir stuck in traffic

What an amazing view of Nanpantan Reservoir whilst stuck in traffic. When life could not get any worse, you are angry and fed up with the traffic, the universe gives you such a beatiful view of nature and your environment. You have a great day ahead of you, stay happy

Indulgence at Wagamama

I decided to take half day and as Sonal already has those days off, we thought we could spend the day together. Yes MORE food!! It tends to get darker these days due to winter but its all good. We parked up in the cheaper £2.50 car park near Great

Goulash n Waffles

So we left the Hotel in the evening and decided to walk to find a place to eat. That sense of freedom, being one within the city and being lost but not quite lost comes to mind.  You see the tall buildings, you walk that pedestrian crossing and you think

Long Weekend: Budapest

What an amazing trip! We booked this only a couple of weeks after coming back from Thailand. Eager travellers that we are we found the deal on LASTMINUTE.COM and let me tell you it was an amazing deal! We paid £420 in total and that’s including flights and 4* hotel.

Things to remember if you are sick on holiday

Quite often people book holidays with a view to enjoy themselves. They don’t like to look at the negatives but hopefully after reading this article you will appreciate that getting ill may be either prevented or managed and therefore less likely to ruin your experience. Ok here goes: Don’t take

A small experience at the Rembrandt Hotel

Arriving in the Rembrandt Hotel, Bangkok.  We were greeted by the porters who took our luggage, we smiled at them as we handed out stuff over. We walked to the check-in desk and told the staff who we were showing them our passports. The lobby was air-conditioned, with a stone

The spirit of life

I don’t usually write such powerful moving posts but loved ones around me will know why I am writing this. You may or may not know that I am learning about Buddhism, so forgive me if some elements of this post are not totally accurate. Trips to Nepal and Thailand