We’re looking for another holiday, we’ve been searching Holiday Pirates, Thomas Cook and EasyJet recently. We’re quite tempted in going back to Budapest again. What do you say Wizz Air? – How about some free tickets?  😉 We had the most amazing time, 3 days felt like 3 weeks!!! We found a gelato street vendor while on one of our walks. Dont you just love the pic of our indulgance hehe 😛

OMG we found this amazing stand up restaurant, its sort of like a quick eat, bar stools sort of establishment. It was called Hot Dog Cold Beer. You guessed it, they served hot dogs and cold beer. Whats not to like? Just check out the beast of a hot dog:

Another amazing place to eat is Local Korner, its in the heart of the Jewish Quarter. The guys there are amazing, they make you feel welcome, and the food is delicious!! You know those pics you see on Instagram, where people double tap on the yummy pizza. Well thats the kind of food they sell. We recommend that you tip these guys, they need the support. Well worth it!

Happy Holidays!!!

Sanjay & Sonal 🙂 🙂 🙂