Below is a picture we took in Bangkok, Thailand. The picture shows an amazing backlog of traffic. We stood on top of a bridge to take this picture. Even though there is so much traffic, the people of Thailand are so calm and relaxed it doesn’t seem to faze them at all.


The calm, relaxed attitude with a slight ambiance of the traffic really gives you that sense of ‘wow’. You truly feel like an adventurer in another country. Yes, coming from the UK, we experience traffic a lot but not on this scale. Looking at the traffic go by was a fun experience, seeing the scooters filtering through the small gaps and watching the skill, we were in ore.

The manufacturer of choice seems to be Toyota; I’m not surprised with them being known for build quality. *Note to self, we need to enquire with Toyota 😉

Generally speaking, the roads are fairly safe, just as long as you don’t run into the middle of the road while its busy, I guess that’s the case for any road in the world.