After eating a buffet breakfast at the hotel we showered up and walked along Sukhumvit Soi 18. This essentially means street number 18 of Sukhumvit Soi. Since staying in Bangkok, I had yet to try a “proper” Thai Curry.

You can hear the sound of cars and traffic building up. It’s the sort of experience you ought to embrace. Although it’s not like India where you hear the constant horn of vehicles. We found that the infrastructure and attitudes were more developed compared to India, for example – people adhered to the traffic signals, and allowed pedestrians to walk when it was the ‘green man’ at the traffic signal 😉

You do need to make sure you are topped up with sun cream and wearing light clothes, the time of year we went, it was about 38~ degrees C. You’ll melt but you’ll be OK if you stay hydrated. The best place to get water is 7-Eleven convenience stores.

Once we sorted out hydration we walked some more and turned up at a restaurant, Sonal asked to be seated in the air conditioned portion of the restaurant. We were given a menu and after much deliberation we decided on chicken satay for starter and Thai Green Curry including Jasmine Rice.

When our meal arrived this is what it looked like:

Thai Green Curry
Green Curry

We received a HUGE portion of Green Curry, and a fried egg on the side. The green curry texture was smooth and creamy, you could taste the coconut and the spice wasn’t too bad either. Every mouthful was like Heaven on Earth.  The Green Curry also had a variety of eggplants. Did you know that in Thailand they have 13 different types of eggplant? We were shocked when we heard that as we were only used to the purple eggplants we got at home. The Thai eggplants range from golf-ball size to just larger than’ peas.

At the table while I was eating, I kept saying to Sonal that this was amazing, she smiled and carried on eating, she knew I was in a happy place. We talked about how this sets the tone for the rest of the trip. Although this restaurant called Windsor Terrace was an offshoot of Hotel Windsor Suites & Convention, it was separate and secluded enough to not feel like part of another building. It also had a bakery next door but we were to full up to contemplate a dessert.

If you ever go to Thailand, make sure you ask for Thai Green Curry, trust me you won’t regret it!

If you would like to make Thai Green Curry at home yourself we found a really good website with a recepie and method:

Enjoy 🙂