OMG its Sonals birthday today and she mentioned she wanted to have a McDonalds breakfast to start her birthday off. (I wasnt going to deny her). We quickly woke up brushed teeth and got ready. I started the car and we were off to the local restaurant.

We order a Double Sausage Egg McMuffin with extra bacon, hash browns not forgetting the tea and coffee to wash it down. Love the way they wrap up the food, makes you feel so special inside.

The moment where you open the wrapping to uncover what is defined as “pure heaven” by Sonal. Trust me, look at the pic below:

The soft McMuffin, egg, sausage and salty bacon makes your taste buds go crazy! Imagine you havent eaten and then you take the first bite? Your worries, your life stresses just go out of the window. Thank you McDonalds, you took us to a place that made us so happy!  Often McDonalds gets a bad wrap for various reasons, but boy did they delivery the breakfast experience. Well done, McDonalds – Thurmaston – BARKBY THORPE LANE

Freshy filtered coffee made with Arabica beans to wash down the yummy textures and flavours of the McMuffin. Don’t forget to add tomatoe sauce, it adds a little tang to the flavours. You will be in a good place, your mind body and soul will thank you.

Thought I would share the remains of the wrapping. We finished everything. In fact we ordered 2 extra hash browns, just to round everything off. Just when you think its all over, you get a hash brown. You know when you have had enough, you sit there with a food high, laughing and joking about the silliest things.

I took a picture of Sonal enjoying her tea. We sat there reflecting on the day ahead.

Today we lived in the moment.

Today was and is a good day

Happy Birthday Sonal  🙂