I don’t usually write such powerful moving posts but loved ones around me will know why I am writing this. You may or may not know that I am learning about Buddhism, so forgive me if some elements of this post are not totally accurate. Trips to Nepal and Thailand have taught me compassion and ultimately acceptance to the reality of things. Sometimes this is hard to understand and implement in the Western world. I find it difficult to manage the great balance of life, whether that’s the working world with my “fiction” or whether it’s at home dealing with “everyday” stresses.
Nobody is perfect and if you believe in the almighty then you may believe that only he or she is perfect. But the fact remains, no matter what religion you practice (or non), you want to try and be the best human being possible? We can all agree on that.


Well according to Buddhism, they have the Four Noble Truths concept:

“The Four Noble Truths are a contingency plan for dealing with the suffering humanity faces — suffering of a physical kind, or of a mental nature”.

The first truth identifies the presence of suffering. The idea here is that you accept that it coincides in life. It’s the first step to having a more balanced life.

The second truth tells us that we ought to find out the cause of suffering, to many times in the world we ignore and brush things under the carpet. This is something we are all guilty of, instead glossing over what has happened, I guess it should be ironed out in a patient manner. Buddhism suggests that if you ignore it then it is the root of suffering, that makes sense because subconsciously your spirit is in pain.

The third truth is the end of all suffering, this is hard, because we all suffer. We must do everything in our power to renounce suffering. We are empowered to fight evil and reject the pain. Let’s try and let go of any delusions. In our minds we “think” that we are in pain. This might be from the death of a loved one. The reality is hard; we can’t just let go. But we can God damn make sure we give a good account of ourselves. I was watching Celebrity MasterChef the other day and Neil Back MBE said something like, “I don’t mind losing and being told I’m not good enough, but I won’t lose on effort”. That was fighting talk that hit a nerve for me. Much in the same way we may struggle to just end all suffering, we can certainly make a good fight of it.

The forth Noble Truth is the method that we need to devise to end all suffering. In our lives we need to have a plan of action to make things right. I have a tendency to complain about things, but never truly think about what steps I could do to make things better again.


Whatever the grief in life, we must be seen to be fighting it and making sure we, at least attempt to discard the pain. I know it’s hard but trust me on this. Your universe is around you and you need to make it a better place, the energy is being sucked out of you and you need to find the root cause of the problem and make that better. Running away would only be a temporary cessation of your pain and the noble thing to do, would be to understand and guide that person or problem into the light.

Good luck