Quite often people book holidays with a view to enjoy themselves. They don’t like to look at the negatives but hopefully after reading this article you will appreciate that getting ill may be either prevented or managed and therefore less likely to ruin your experience.

Ok here goes:

Don’t take ice with your cold drinks

Generally speaking, if you eat a 5* star hotel you might be ok, but why risk it? If you go to a small restaurant down the road, you can’t make the assumption that they would have used bottled water to make the ice. It’s the water that doesn’t agree with your body so stay away!

Chew your food

Don’t get over excited on holiday and eat everything in sight, give your body chance to digest its food and adjust. Most definitely chew your food otherwise you may be in for a rude awakening if you are physically sick!  Breaking food down into smaller pieces helps your body digest it.

Try and stay away from salads

Again this advice is given because the salad may have been washed in local tap water. This water may not be clean as your water at home. Worst case scenario, it may not have been washed at all.

Take Activated Charcoal tablets

These are the saviour to your sickness. The theory is that the activated charcoal will absorb the waste and toxins that your food poisoning produces and therefore reducing your suffering faster.

Drink lots of water

Drinking water will flush out whatever is in your system. Maybe add some lemon to make your water alkaline. The faster you get the bug out of your system, the quicker you can enjoy your holiday.

I will probably update this list to add more tips later. They should be the main things to remember. I know you don’t want to be plagued with negativity but you should not get complacent on holiday, especially if you visit a country where food bugs are prevalent.

If you do get ill, don’t worry! You will get better. Think of it as an experience you faced on holiday. Maybe you could write a diary about it? After all life is one big experience and you haven’t lost anything, in fact gained a lot in the process.