After the wedding and then moving into a new home was quite daunting I must say, however, it’s been 2 months now and I am finally settling in, I can put my feet up without anybody giving me that *look* and I can now roam around freely without being nervous that someone might say something. Not that the family have ever said anything to me.

So on Sunday, Sanjay and I had a lovely breakfast: – a big bowl of porridge with blueberries and a Yorkshire Tea which was yummy I must say.

Then as I was doing my usual Sunday cleaning it all of sudden came to me! I want to cook.
What better dish to cook on a Sunday then Sunday roast. So after Sanjay and I went to The Gym (the first time in a long time) I got all of my ingredients and decided to use Jamie Oliver’s recipe (Perfect Roast Chicken), because I know Jamie is the man for simple but tasty recipes.

I am not an expert at cooking but to be honest you don’t need to be. I followed a simple recipe and everyone loved it. It’s not about using extravagant recipes like how you see on the TV, it’s about starting off with what you find comfortable.

I say if you are wanting to get into cooking, try out things that are more traditional and less likely to go wrong, this will help boost your confidence (it certainly did mine) and will make you want to start doing more. Till the next time.

Have fun